Kazakhstani Media Trainers Participate in Training in on HIV and AIDS Reporting

14 December 2007

On 19-24 November 2007, three media trainers from Kazakhstan participated in a five-day intensive sub-regional workshop in New Delhi, India to review and evaluate the Media Companion to HIV and AIDS. The product is a template for multimedia training on HIV and AIDS reporting for media professionals. The other participants were media trainers from Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Jordan, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Organized by the UNESCO New Delhi Office, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), this exercise was a direct outcome of the OPEC/UNESCO/HIV/AIDS activity "Media and HIV/AIDS: Training of Trainers Workshop on Development of Multimedia Materials", held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2006.

A master sample in the form of an interactive multimedia training manual, in English, was developed for use by media professionals as a reference tool in reporting and production related to HIV and AIDS. Seventeen trainers from the print, broadcast, community and web media reviewed and evaluated this product with a view to its use in media classrooms or in self-learning exercises. In hands-on sessions, participants attempted to replicate/adapt the product to training needs in their respective countries, in local languages, taking into consideration both cultural and social dimensions.

This exercise was seen as most timely by the participants some of whom had already begun working on their own multimedia manuals, based on the Dhaka workshop. It helped them develop new skills and a better understanding of HIV and AIDS reporting. Motivation and expectations were high as the participants, already familiarized with the use of video clips and voice over, added music and design elements to illustrate different messages relating to this subject.

The master sample of the template is now in its final stage of completion. It will take into account the feedback from the participants of the workshop and is expected to be release by the end of January 2008. In the meantime, a small incentive is being awarded to enable completion of country-specific samples. This is planned to be ready by March 2008.

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