Report on Culture Unit 2003

1 October 2003

Culture Mission in Almaty Cluster: Reinforcing normative action in the field of culture, Protecting cultural diversity and promoting cultural pluralism and intercultural dialogue

  • Intercultural Dialogue: International Conference on the role of Women in Intercultural Dialogue in Central Asia, 11/13 June 2003, Dushanbe

  • World Heritage Center:UNESCO Regional WorkshopPossibilities of Nominations on World Natural and Mixed Heritage in Central Asia Almaty, 16-18 December 2002. The Workshop aimed to assist the Central Asian States Parties in identifying potential natural and mixed sites for World Heritage nomination.
  • Handicraft - The regional workshop on handicraft 'Central Asian Handicrafts and Sustainable Development' has taken place in Almaty, in November 2002, in the framework of the Central Asian Crafts Fair, November 23-24. Workshop report

  • The project "Crafts as a job opportunity for the poorest youth" will be implemented from December 2002 in two towns/villages of Kazakhstan.

  • Follow-up of the United Nations Year of Dialogue among Civilizations The Symposium Science and Spirituality along the Silk Roads, 19-20 September 2002 has taken place in Almaty, in the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Cultural policies The regional workshop: 'Training of the professionals of the cultural development (management, administration, animation) in Central Asia' will take place in Almaty, in 2003.

  • Cultural eco-tourism
    Development of cultural eco-tourism in the mountainous regions of Central Asia and the Himalayas The purpose of this inter-disciplinary project is to promote community-based cultural and eco-tourism in selected mountain areas, with a specific focus on poverty eradication, reduction of rural-urban migration and the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage in those areas. Mountain areas included in the present project are those located in Central Asia: Tien Shan in Kazakhstan, Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan (a Biosphere Reserve), the Himalayan region of Mustang in Nepal, Chitral in the Hindu Kush in Pakistan, Ladakh in India, the Pamir region in Tajikistan and Massouleh area in Iran. Estimated Duration: 2 years (first phase), from 01. 2002 to 01.2004

  • Archeology Preservation and Restoration of Otrar Tobe, Kazakhstan (UNESCO/ Japanese Trust Fund for the preservation of cultural heritage for the silk roads) For more information:

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