Diversity of Cultural Expressions

The forms of cultural expression are based on the cultural and creative industries, which are among the fastest growing industries in the world and possess great development potential, because they rely on a unique and renewable resource - human creativity. Read more

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29 September 2022 UNESCO launches an open call to civil society for contributions for the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions
22 September 2022 Development of cultural and creative industries discussed in Kyrgyzstan
29 August 2022 Turkmenistan ratifies UNESCO 1970 Convention on the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural property
29 August 2022 The Role of Culture and Creativity for Wellbeing
Webinar Record is Available
16 August 2022 Online webinar announcement (22 August 2022)
The Role of Culture and Creativity for Wellbeing
18 July 2022 Cultural Identity in the Digital Environment and Meta Universe
Webinar Record is Available
11 July 2022 Export of Creative Brands
Webinar Record is Available
28 June 2022 UNESCO and Abu Dhabi launch a new report on the economic impact of COVID-19: Pandemic cost culture up to 40% in lost revenue and over 10 million jobs
21 June 2022 Copyright as the Basis for Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship
Webinar Record is Available
13 June 2022 UNESCO is consulting its networks to facilitate the consultation processes of micro, small and medium-sized cultural and creative enterprises
17 May 2022 Presentation of new projects and materials on the occasion of the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
13 May 2022 UNESCO Almaty call for experts on the Cultural and Creative Industries in Central Asia
3 December 2021 Tajikistan Media Donor Coordination Meeting
29 October 2021 Concept of Museums — the Process of Re-defining and Discussion in Japan
Webinar for Museum Workers
24 October 2021 UNESCO 2005 Convention: Balancing with other Frameworks
Webinar on Cultural and Creative Industries