Teacher trainers learnt how to develop design-thinking skills to implement projects for sustainable development

20 December 2019

On December 3-7, 2019, in Almaty, UNESCO Almaty Cluster office (UNESCO Almaty) in cooperation with the National Center for Professional Development "Orleu" co-organized a training workshop entitled "Mainstreaming key competencies for the implementation of community-based projects for sustainable development: design-thinking skills".

The event gathered teacher trainers from the central administrative office and regional offices of "Orleu". These teacher trainers are experienced in educating teachers throughout the country. Saule Zeynolla, UNESCO Almaty Consultant facilitated the training.

This training workshop supplemented and developed further the previous two training workshops organized by UNESCO Almaty and Orleu on the occasion of the International Teacher's Day this year and last year. Its main objective was to build the capacity of participants to integrate innovative approaches and teaching methods in education for sustainable development and global citizenship education to develop students design-thinking skills and the ability to think productively which can help identify and address local issues (i.e., the community or institution where students live or study).


According to the participants, educating children in a spirit of global citizenship will undoubtedly enable them to take an active role in addressing and eliminating global challenges and to take an active part in building a more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive and secure world.

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