The Participation Programme Project "The unique musical notes library of the Kazakh National Conservatoire after Kurmangazy - the open educational resource"

15 May 2017

Kazakh National Conservatory after Kyrmangazy started the implementation of the national project in the framework of the Participation Programme supported by the National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan for UNESCO and ISESCO with the goal to strengthen national Open Education Resources, by using information and communication technologies in digitalization of the rare musical notes.

The project continues the commitments made by the conservatory and music libraries in 2014 to support the Paris Declaration on Open Educational Resources.

In this regard, the Kyrmangazy Conservatory is going to organize preservation and digitalization of the rare musical notes, including creation of the software interface to KABIS - national cataloguing system for accessing Open Education Resources, as well as organize training seminar and conference on dissemination practices. The relevant tender announced on the conservatory website.

UNESCO Almaty, Communication and Information Programme supports the administrative and program aspects of the project as a contribution to enabling universal access and preservation of information and Knowledge to built inclusive knowledge societies. The project also contributes to the National Memory of the World program as well as to Open Solution and Open Education Resources.
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