Webinar-trainings for rural-online centers in Kyzylorda region

19 July 2016

From 7 to 16 July Journalists Support Center "Minber" with the support of the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty conducted webinar trainings for representatives of voluntary youth teams and leaders of ten online centers.

The main goal of the trainings is teaching the local population to publish problem-oriented news in villages of Kyzylorda region: Akkum, Madeniet, Sulutobe, Enbekshi, Shizhaga, Kambash, Zhalantos, Orkendeu, Inkardariya, Akzharma and improving access to local information.

Online centers should be a catalyst for social, political, moral and cultural development and promote harmony among all members and sectors of the community.

Trainings contribute to the creation of sources of information in rural areas, alternative community media with the help of ICT literacy, as well as increasing legal literacy and media in the dissemination of information, the improvement of ethical dissemination of false and credible information and promote the protection of the most vulnerable groups, including children and youth.

Webinar participants familiarized themselves with the work and capabilities of Google and Google hangouts. The participants also got acquainted with the mobile app "Voice of Kyzylorda", which was designed for rural residents of Kyzylorda region. This application enables read blogs of villages, created with the participation of women. In addition, the application provides access to digital libraries with UNESCO and Republic of Kazakhstan resource materials.

Trainings also contribute to improving media literacy, information capacity of the local population, the role of local authorities in the dissemination of information, the level of access to the local population information.

After the training, the trained citizens and a group of volunteers at online centers will develop community-based media in the Kyzylorda region.

The webinar-trainings theme:

  • The first day: Determine the importance and purpose of the webinar; How functions the webinar; Google Hangouts features;

  • The second day: To familiarize with the function of Gmail and Facebook;

  • The third day: Introduction to the mobile application "Voice of Kyzylorda";

  • The fouth day: Analysis of publications on Facebook and improving of publications;

  • The fifth day: The work on the publication: creation of the title and the main theme;

  • The sixth day: Calendar on Facebook: Organizing events on Facebook and inclusion of important events;

  • The seventh day: Search of information on the topic: health, education and drinking water; Publication of information on the site;

  • The eight day: Search information on the following theme: land ownership and population services; Publication of information on the site; Discussion of the topic of access to information;

  • The ninth day: Types of electronic services of the state; Publication of information on the site; Working with Egov.kz (inquiries, requests, prohibitions, pensions, benefits, support for the disabled);

  • The tenth day: The results of the webinar.

  • Webinars are organized under Kyzylorda UN joint programme in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of regional development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akimat of Kyzylorda oblast and six organizations of the UN system UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO and UN Women to enhance well-being and quality of life in the Kyzylorda region through innovative approaches by delivering economic, social and environmental services to local population, particularly the most vulnerable parts of the population.

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