#WomenRendezvous Online Campaign on the Role of Women During the COVID-19

23 April 2020

In collaboration with TheOpenAsia.net media portal, UNESCO Almaty Office has launched the #WomenRendezvous online campaign to support Central Asian women during the COVID-19 crisis.

Women, regardless of their activities, are at the forefront of the fight against the corona virus. Worldwide, about 90% of doctors fighting a pandemic are women. They work almost 24 hours a day to protect the health of people infected with the COVID-19 virus; female scientists spend all their time in the laboratories, developing test systems and vaccines; and moms try to successfully balance the housework and work for the children distance learning and their professional responsibilities.

However, today, the media and news materials do not adequately report on the role of women in fighting this pandemic. In this regard, the #WomenRendezvous campaign will focus on the problems faced by women due to long-term isolation and their perspectives of solutions. In addition, an important part of the campaign will be a real stories sharing regards women and their contribution to the crisis response.

#WomenRendezvous can be a platform for all Central Asian women to express their contribution to overcoming the COVID-19 crisis, prevent negative consequences during long-term confinment (including domestic violence against women and girls), promote gender equality, expand the rights and opportunities of all women, as well as raising public awareness of the role of women in the unprecedented fight against coronavirus.

You can share your stories with a.myassoyed@unesco.org or ayazhmaxim@gmail.com.

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